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Nutrition Plus Kalonji – 60 Caps

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Supports bronchitis & asthmatic conditions | allergic conditions

Kalonji extracts is a rich source of EFA (Essential Fatty Acid), fixed oil as saponins and essential oils, proteins, alkaloids and Nigellin. Prevents diabetes, asthma, cough and helpful in joint pain, cancer prevention, blood pressure, kidney functioning, piles, boost energy, prevent hari loss and supports liver.

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Supports bronchitis & asthmatic conditions | allergic conditions

Kalonji is a miracle herb used as an Antiseptic medicines. It contains Phosphorous, Iron and Carbohydrates in abundance. It has a yellowish substance, namely Carotene,  which is converted into Vitamin A in the liver. Kalonji has been found to be effective in asthma, cough & allergy, diabetes, heart attack, polio & paralysis, joint-pain associated with arthritis, ophthalmic problems, female & male secret diseases, cancer/tumor, swelling of vital organs, leprosy, falling hairs, kidney infection and many more. So Kalonji, can be used as a Universal remedy for several ailments.

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Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, 1 Capsule twice a day (after Meals).
Its an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. 
Note: Do Consult with Ayurvedic Doctor before taking.


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